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Level 6
health and safety

Level 6 Diploma In Occupational Health And Safety Practice Upgrade

Professional Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety for Experienced Practitioners

Expertise into Recognised Credentials

Embark on a journey to elevate your career in the health and safety sector! If you're a seasoned professional looking to formalize your skills and gain a recognized qualification, you've found your destination. Dive deeper into what this program offers!

Seasoned Professionals as Assessors

Our team comprises elite health and safety experts, bringing real-world experience and up-to-date knowledge. They're not just assessors; they're active industry professionals who understand current trends and best practices.

Practical, Evidence-Based Learning

We emphasise real-world application. You'll compile a portfolio demonstrating your skills, directly reflecting your workplace expertise. This hands-on approach ensures you're ready for immediate, practical application in your role.

Tailored Support for Your Journey

From enrolment to completion, we guide you every step of the way. Our assessors are accessible for additional support, ensuring you understand and excel in each module.

Experienced Practitioners

Already practising in health & safety and hold a Level 3 qualification? This programme is your stepping stone to higher recognition and career advancement.

Skill Enhancement

Looking to deepen your understanding and keep abreast of the latest in health & safety? Our programme is designed to expand your knowledge and keep you updated.

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<1> Promoting a Positive Culture:

Understand and implement strategies to foster a safety-first mindset in your organisation.

<2> Policy Development:

Learn to craft and execute effective health and safety policies.

<3> Effective Communication Systems:

Master the art of disseminating crucial health and safety information within your organisation.

<4> Organisational Competence:

Develop strategies to maintain and enhance health and safety competencies at an individual and organisational level.

<5> Risk Assessment and Control:

Gain expertise in identifying, assessing, and mitigating health and safety risks.

Occupational Health & Safety

This programme blends practical evidence gathering with theoretical knowledge, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Each course of the program comprises:

< practical application >

Direct application of concepts in your workplace, forming over half of your qualification.

< expert guidance >

Access to industry experts for insights, feedback, and support.

< flexible learning >

Learn at your pace, aligning your studies with your professional commitments.

The Plan
Work-Based Evidence Gathering

Compile real-world evidence from your job role, demonstrating your competence and skills.

Expert Assessments and Feedback

Receive detailed feedback from seasoned professionals, guiding your learning journey.

Flexible, As-You-Work Study Model

Our programme is designed to fit around your professional life, allowing you to learn and qualify without putting your career on hold.

View Mandatory Units Which Need To Be Completed

£300 /month

Pay for the course monthly or in full (with a 5% discount). Payment plan available: £300 + VAT deposit (non-refundable), followed by £137.50 + VAT a month for 8 months.

10 Initial Units

Complete at your own pace. Our flexible approach allows you to integrate learning with your work schedule. Units cover a comprehensive range of health and safety topics.

Enrol Anytime

Start the course at a time that suits you. Our rolling enrolment policy means there’s no need to wait for a specific start date.

Limited Places

We ensure personalised attention and support for each student. Therefore, the number of enrolments is limited to maintain quality.

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