An Introduction To Competency Matrix based or Training Needs Analysis

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A Competency Matrix or Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is an essential tool for identifying the training and skills required within your organisation. This process helps ensure that employees possess the necessary competencies to meet the organisation’s goals by comparing the required skills with existing competencies.

The Four Phases of Competency-Based Training Needs Analysis

A thorough competency-based TNA typically involves the following four phases:

  1. Understand Your Objectives:
    • Define the goals and scope of the analysis.
    • Determine what will be evaluated, who will be involved, and how the process will be conducted.
  2. Company Analysis:
    • Assess the general training requirements and principles that apply company-wide.
    • Identify overarching skills and knowledge that all employees should possess to align with organisational objectives.
  3. Department/Team Analysis:
    • Conduct detailed analyses for specific teams or departments.
    • Identify unique training needs and competency gaps within different areas of the organisation.
  4. Implementation:
    • Develop and execute training programs to address the identified needs.
    • Ensure that all necessary training is completed to bridge competency gaps and enhance overall performance.

Why Conduct a Training Needs Analysis?

Conducting a TNA helps organisations:

  • Align employee skills with business objectives.
  • Identify gaps in knowledge and skills.
  • Prioritise training efforts and resources.
  • Enhance employee performance and organisational productivity.

How SHEC Solutions Can Assist

At SHEC Solutions, we specialise in conducting comprehensive Competency Matrix-Based Training Needs Analyses. Our expert team can help you identify skill gaps, develop

tailored training programs, and ensure your employees are equipped to meet your organisation’s goals.

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