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Level 7 Health & Safety Leadership And Management

- Level 7 Diploma In Strategic Health & Safety Leadership And Management – 2023 Edition

Senior H&S Management and Consultants

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Awarding Body Approved: ProQual

Skill level: Graduate/Certified Grade

Level 6 → Level 7 NVQ

About this course

This Level 7 Diploma is specifically designed for experienced Senior Health & Safety Managers, Group Health & Safety Directors, and Senior Consultants. Focused on high-level policy change and tactical implementation, this course is a stepping stone towards CMIOSH status. There are no examinations, making it a flexible learning pathway.

You are assessed based on your competence, skills, knowledge, and understanding. You will provide evidence demonstrating how and why you perform your work.

ProQual Awarding Body Approved Qualification

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This course is for you if...​

You’re in a Health & Safety Role

Ideal for professionals tasked with overseeing company-wide safety protocols and policies. This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to implement effective health and safety strategies at a senior level.

You're looking for advancement to strategic management levels​

Perfect for those aspiring to elevate their career to a strategic management role, focusing on high-impact health and safety leadership. Gain insights and tools necessary to drive organisational change and enhance safety culture at the highest levels.

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What this course entails

  • Duration and Commitment: This course is designed for flexibility, accommodating the schedules of busy professionals. You’ll engage with course materials and practical applications at a pace that suits your work and life commitments.

    Assessment Method: Instead of traditional exams, your progress is assessed through work-based evidence and strategic health & safety plans, focusing on real-world application.

    Support and Resources: You’ll have access to expert-led resources, case studies, and digital tools, alongside mentoring from industry professionals, ensuring comprehensive support throughout your learning journey.

    Qualification Accreditation: Accredited by the ProQual Awarding Body, this diploma is recognised in the strategic health & safety field, reflecting the latest industry practices.

    Course Impact and Career Progression: Completing this course enhances your skills in strategic planning and leadership within health & safety, paving the way for senior roles and progression towards CMIOSH status.

Construction worker in a reflective vest writing on a clipboard.

Occupational Health & Safety Skills

Advanced Risk Management Systems

Develop sophisticated skills in designing and managing comprehensive risk management systems. Learn to proactively mitigate health and safety risks across organisations.

Strategic Health and Safety Policy Development

Master the craft of developing high-level health and safety policies. Gain insights into influencing and implementing wide-reaching policy changes to enhance organisational safety culture.

Leadership in Health and Safety

Enhance your leadership capabilities within the health and safety sector. Learn to lead and motivate teams, driving effective health and safety practices at a strategic level.

Innovative Safety Solutions and Digital Integration

Acquire skills in utilising digital technologies for innovative health and safety solutions. Understand how to integrate these technologies into strategic planning and incident investigations.

Sustainability and Environmental Leadership

Focus on the convergence of health, safety, and environmental sustainability. Lead initiatives that protect workers while also meeting broader environmental objectives and compliance.

Course breakdown

Our fully supported, assignment-based approach, helps you build a portfolio of work across 5 units. 

Course Syllabus

5 Mandatory Units  –  Level 3


Risk-based safety systems management

Level 7


Safety culture, sustainability, and the global effect on performance

Level 7


Digital technologies and incident investigation

Level 7


Development as a strategic manager

Level 7


Establish business risk management processes

Level 7

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What’s included in career paths

Advanced Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety for Seasoned Practitioners

Elevate Your Expertise to Recognized Credentials

Take the next step in your career journey within the health and safety sector! If you're an experienced professional seeking to formalise your expertise and attain a recognised qualification, you're in the right place. Explore the enriching opportunities this program provides!

Experienced Professionals as Assessors

Our team comprises distinguished health and safety specialists, offering extensive real-world insights and up-to-date knowledge. They're not just evaluators but actively engaged industry practitioners who comprehend current industry trends and optimum methodologies.

Practical, Evidence-Driven Learning

We prioritise practical application in real-world scenarios. Through compiling a comprehensive portfolio showcasing your competencies, you'll directly exhibit your workplace proficiency. This hands-on methodology ensures immediate applicability within your role.

Tailored Support for Your Progression

From enrollment to achievement, we provide personalised guidance every step of the way. Our assessors remain readily available for additional assistance, ensuring your comprehension and mastery of each module.

How it works

Progress your career in three
simple steps

Gather Work-Based Evidence

Compile real-world evidence from your job, demonstrating your competence and skills.

Experts Assess & Feedback

Receive detailed feedback from seasoned professionals, guiding your learning journey.

Achieve your NVQ

Successfully complete your NVQ with support from an expert.

Level 7 Diploma In Strategic Health & Safety Leadership And Management

What are the prerequisites for enrolling in the Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Health & Safety Leadership and Management?

This course is specifically designed for individuals in senior health and safety roles, such as Senior Health & Safety Managers, Group Health & Safety Directors, and Senior Consultants. It is aimed at professionals with a background in health and safety, looking to advance their careers to strategic management levels. The course is suitable for those who have achieved or are working towards a Level 6 NVQ and are aiming to progress to Level 7. It's ideal for those looking to step towards achieving CMIOSH status. Prior experience in high-level policy change and tactical implementation within health and safety is expected.

How is the Level 7 Diploma assessed, and what does the course entail?

The Level 7 Diploma does not involve traditional examinations. Instead, assessment is based on work-based evidence and strategic health & safety plans, focusing on the real-world application of skills and knowledge. The course is designed for flexibility to accommodate the schedules of busy professionals, allowing you to engage with course materials and practical applications at your own pace. You will build a portfolio of work across 5 mandatory units, covering topics such as risk-based safety systems management, safety culture, digital technologies in incident investigation, strategic management development, and establishing business risk management processes.

What are the benefits and career progression opportunities after completing the diploma?

Completing this diploma enhances your skills in strategic planning and leadership within the health & safety sector. It equips you with advanced skills in risk management, policy development, leadership, and innovative solutions, including digital integration. The course is accredited by the ProQual Awarding Body, ensuring it is recognised in the strategic health & safety field and reflects the latest industry practices. Graduates are well-prepared for senior roles within the field, enhancing their career progression towards achieving Chartered Membership of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (CMIOSH) status. This qualification opens doors to high-impact leadership roles and provides the tools necessary to drive organizational change and enhance safety culture at the highest levels.

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