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Level 7 NVQ Diploma In Construction Senior Management

Who Is This NVQ For?

This Diploma is aimed at experienced Senior Managers, Directors & Business Owners. You should be in a strategic role as the units focus on key areas of the business operations.

The Level 7 Diploma in Construction Senior Management is designed to assess occupational competence in the workplace. You are required to demonstrate your skills, knowledge and experience in the Construction Senior Management role.

Enrolment Fees

Full Payment Discounted Rate –  £1895  + VAT (£2274). 

6 Month Payment Plan – £420 including VAT. 

Corporate Purchase – £2295 plus VAT – Payment Terms are 30 days from date of invoice.

What Does The NVQ Involve?

The NVQ is an assessment of your existing knowledge and performance, with NO EXAMINATION.

To achieve your Black Card, you will need to gather evidence for 4 mandatory and 6 optional units. Some of the examples of the evidence you need to provide are:

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Your assessor will provide support, advice and guidance on collating the evidence you will need.

To achieve the qualification learners must complete 4 mandatory units in Group A, plus a minimum of six units from two optional groups from Group B.

Mandatory Units

Manage teams in construction

Lead and participate in meetings in construction management

Provide ethical advice, judgement and service in construction management

Develop self and others in construction management

Group B1 Project Development Units

Prepare and agree a project brief and development programme in construction

Manage design development and processes in construction

Assess and evaluate the environmental impact of developments in construction management

Evaluate sustainable resources and requirements in construction management

Manage marketing and customer service in construction organisations

Group B2 Procurement Contracts and Budget Units

Implement strategic sourcing partnerships in construction management

Establish project procurement arrangements in construction management

Manage procurement processes in construction management

Prepare and submit estimates, bids and tenders in construction management

Ensure that contracts are prepared, negotiated and concluded in construction management

Control organisational and project income and expenditure in construction management

Group B3 Project Control Units

Manage project risks and opportunities in construction

Manage project processes in construction

Manage project evaluation and feedback in construction

Control project outcomes in construction

Evaluate and progress the resolution of disputes in construction management

Manage project completion in construction