Environmental Qualification

- Level 3 Award Environmental Management​

Essential for managers and supervisors working towards environmental management systems

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Awarding Body Approved: ProQual

Skill level:Managers & Supervisors

Entry → Level 3 NVQ

About this course

The ProQual Level 3 Award in Environmental Management is specifically designed for managers and supervisors in organisations within the UK aiming to develop or improve environmental management systems. This qualification, accredited onto the RQF by Ofqual, delivers a comprehensive understanding of environmental management principles and practices.

ProQual Awarding Body Approved Qualification

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This course is for you if...​

You are a manager or supervisor

Geared towards those in leadership roles considering or working on environmental management systems.

You wish to enhance your environmental skills

Ideal for professionals seeking in-depth knowledge and competencies in environmental management.

What this course entails

This qualification requires candidates to demonstrate knowledge and competence in environmental management, focusing on the impact of sustainability, environmental law, and the implementation of environmental management systems. Assessment is based on various forms of evidence including assignments, reports, and worksheets.

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Environmental Management Skills

Understanding Global Environmental Issues

Learn about key environmental impacts and the concept of sustainability.

Environmental Management Systems

Gain knowledge about the elements and benefits of environmental management systems.

Developing Environmental Policies

Learn how to create and implement effective environmental policies.

Environmental Aspects and Impacts

Understand the methodology for reviewing environmental aspects and impacts.

Environmental Law

Gain insights into environmental law, its structure, function, and operation.

Course breakdown

This qualification is structured to include one mandatory unit, focusing on environmental management.

Course Syllabus

8 Modules  –  Level 3


Understand key global environmental issues and the concept of sustainability.

Level 3


Understand the advantages and disadvantages of implementing an accredited environmental management system.

Level 3


Understand the purpose of and process involved in developing an effective environmental policy.

Level 3


Understand how to identify and evaluate an organisation’s environmental aspects and impacts.

Level 3


Understand the structure, function and operation of environmental law.

Level 3


Understand how an environmental management system can be implemented.

Level 3


Understand the purpose and processes of checking environmental performance including monitoring and measuring, corrective and preventative actions and auditing.

Level 3


Understand the reasons for producing an environmental report.

Level 3

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What’s included in career paths

Environmental Management & Beyond

Expertise into Recognised Credentials

Embark on a journey to elevate your career in the health and safety sector! If you're a seasoned professional looking to formalise your skills and gain a recognised qualification, you've found your destination. Dive deeper into what this program offers!

Experienced Professionals as Assessors

Our team comprises leading experts in construction management, offering current industry insights. They provide a real-world perspective on best practices and trends.

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Focus on applying your workplace expertise to demonstrate your skills, ensuring your learning is directly relevant to your role.

Personalised Support

Throughout Your Journey From start to finish, we're here to guide you. Our assessors are available for additional help, ensuring clarity and success in each module.

How it works

Advance in environmental management through structured learning:

Complete Mandatory Unit E-learning

Understand and demonstrate competencies in key areas of environmental management.

Pass Module Assessments & Final Exam

MCQs test your learning, with a final exam to achieve your qualification (80% pass required)

Achieve Qualification

Successfully meet the assessment criteria to gain the Level 3 Award in Environmental Management.

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